Service Technician at Sterling Pelham (2)

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Position: Service Technician at Sterling Pelham

Position Type: Full Time

Start Date: 4/7/21

Wage: Competitive

Hours: Monday - Friday / On Call


At least five years’ experience in this field. Strong knowledge of heat pump, HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems and carpentry. Must have HVAC certification; must have or be willing to obtain a Certified Pool Operator license. Pleasing personality and ability to work with and understand the problems and attitudes of residents. Good mechanical skills. Good organizational skills and interest and enthusiasm for the job.


Inspects and maintains all HVAC systems, furnishes plumbing upkeep inside and outside the buildings, ensures that roofs and gutters are in good condition, maintains all recreational facilities. Assists supervisor with the quality and efficiency of turning vacant apartments into make ready apartments in a timely manner; assists with overseeing the inspection of make ready apartments; and paints, cleans and prepares apartments for occupancy. Assures that a written explanation of work performed in each unit is left for resident. Ensures that residents are provided with a clean, safe and well-maintained community, ensures that good public relations are maintained between residents and the maintenance staff. At the direction of the Maintenance Supervisor, assist with the operation and maintenance of the pool and pool area to include proper chemical levels as required by local municipalities or other governing bodies, maintenance of pool equipment and furnishings. Completes all work orders within a 24-hour time frame. Adheres to all GPI personnel directives and safety requirements. Shares 24-hour emergency call duties with Maintenance Supervisor. Learns all aspects of on-site maintenance, implements all aspects of maintenance in preparing apartments for occupancy. Keeps all tools and equipment in good working condition. Maintains a good property appearance by keeping it free of trash and debris, maintains all recreational facilities as assigned. Reports any hazardous, emergency or unusual situations that could possibly be a violation of company policy.

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