Certified Apartment Manager Designation (CAM)

The onsite manager is a vital link between apartment residents and the community owners and investors. Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) includes:

  • Management of Residential Issues
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Human Resource Management
  • Fair Housing
  • Marketing
  • Property Maintenance for Managers
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Research, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Six Franklin Covey Insights on Demand Online Courses

CAM Requirements

CAM candidates must complete the following requirements to obtain the CAM designation:

  • Worked in the apartment industry for at least 12 months;
  • Successfully completed CAM coursework (which total 56 ½ hours)
  • Meet all examination requirements within 12 months of declaring candidacy for CAM

About the CAM Exam

The CAM exam is two parts with a total time of four hours.

  • Part One: 115 questions timed for two hours.
  • Part Two: 75 questions timed for two hours.

Maintaining your CAM Designation

The CAM designation requires annual renewal. Submission of both annual CAM dues of $100 and documentation of six hours of continuing should be submitted to complete the annual CAM renewal. Submission of continuing education is not required for the first renewal.

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