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  • Clicking Through: Updates to Website & Digital Accessibility Requirements
    Join Holland & Knight’s Attorney, Christine Walz, as we discuss the legal requirements for website and digital accessibility, including the current state of the law, what your business can do to comply with the legal requirements and steps you can take to minimize litigation exposure.

  • To Verify or Not: Emotional Support Animals & Other Unique Requests
    Join us to discuss the difference between service and support animals – and why this distinction is important, while tackling issues around verification – when and how to ask for it. 
  • To Verify or Not: Emotional Support Animals & Other Unique Requests
    Join us to discuss the difference between service and support animals – and why this distinction is important, while tackling issues around verification – when and how to ask for it. 

  • Part II: 10 Applicant Screening Solutions for Property Managers
    Learn how to manage tenant screening compliance on a multistate basis, what tenant screening regulations will impact property management the most this year and 10 common screening problems and how to avoid them.
  • Part I: Renter History Reporting for Property Managers
    Join us for an in-depth look at renter history reporting with key insights offered by a seasoned industry professional.

  • DE&I Week: See My Story: Leading in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through Accessibility, Authenticity and Vulnerability
    Join our panel of rental housing experts as they explain how to provide productive and secure spaces to share stories about impactful experiences that help to shape your professional outlook. 

  • Fighting Fraud—Property Management Edition
    Grasping the shocking prevalence and dimensions of rental housing fraud requires a strategic risk assessment of your property or portfolio. Join us as we learn more about the surprisingly ubiquitous tools and intricate tactics used by fraudsters and the tools available for fraud prevention and financial protection. 

  • Beyond Rent Control: Housing Affordability Advocacy & Other Alternatives
    With the increase in housing costs, the concept of rent control is growing in public appeal. However, research has proven that rent control, rent stabilization or anti-price gouging protections harm local communities by discouraging investment and depleting resources. Join our legal and research experts as we discuss your advocacy and legal options to help overcome the rent control myth and learn about NAA’s growing library of research and resources. 

  • F.T.C. and Reputation Management for Your Everyday Marketing
    Reputation is your legacy, so proper management and marketing strategy is key. Join us and our industry’s legal expert as we explore recent revisions to F.T.C. guidelines, proposed rules and best practices for apartment marketing and advertising. 

  • Getting Noticed: 20 in their Twenties’ Insights for Your Career 
    Carving out a professional path can be very challenging, but certain programs can help you create the career you desire. Join our group of alumni to gain their insights, tips and tricks for crafting a standout 20 in their Twenties Application and how to make the most of this industry recognition. 

  • DE&I Week: The Taming of the Toxic Workplace Culture
    Join our panel of inclusion experts as we map out how to identify and call-out the key traits of toxic workplace culture through real-life accounts and how to construct practical approaches to proactively nurture inclusivity and apply intersectional insights. 

  • Charging Ahead: Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption
    This webinar is hosted by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.  Join their Renewables Integration Technology Research Team and Better Buildings partners to explore the game-changing potential of EV adoption into existing infrastructure through demonstrated best practices. 

  • DE&I Week: Beyond a Title Change — The True “Ask” of DE&I Leaders
    Join us to explore what it takes to genuinely support DE&I in the rental housing industry, consider the impact on DE&I leaders once their appointed and learn how to help them and your DE&I program thrive.

  • DE&I Week: Expand Your Markets with Accessibility
    Join our panel for a discussion about the best ways to leverage accessibility and inclusion as competitive advantages. 

  • DE&I Week: An Affiliate Framework for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    Join our panel of affiliate leaders as they provide first-hand accounts of their hurdles, how to reach your goals through creative strategies and how to maintain, fund and assess your DE&I program. 

  • Landlord Tenant Subrogation
    Join us to learn more about landlord tenant subrogation, including recognizing situations where prompt action can lead to maximum recovery.

  • Mental Health First Aid at Work Executive Overview
    Handling mental health challenges in the workplace can require the same attention as a serious cut on your finger. Let’s explore how Mental Health First Aide (MHFA) at Work Training Solutions can align with your current and future wellness initiatives—fostering resilience and understanding throughout your organization.

  • The Grass is Always Greener: Best Practices for Water-Efficient Landscaping
    This webinar is hosted by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.  Join to learn how sustainable landscaping strategies can reduce water bills and create a more resilient environment.

  • Finding Your Niche in Rental Housing: Supplier Edition
    Join our panel of supplier experts as they share their experiences, insightful strategies and practical tips to help you create a prosperous professional presence in the rental housing industry.

  • I, Robot: Overview and Implications of Using AI and Machine Learning in Your Daily Operations
    Come join industry professionals Angel Baltimore and Wynter Deagle as they share the business and legal implications of using AI and machine learning in daily operations.

  • Finding Your Niche in Rental Housing: Owner/Management
    Join our panel of experienced industry professionals as they share their experiences, insightful strategies and practical tips to help you create a rewarding professional legacy in rental housing.

  • The Power of Networking
    Prepare to shine during any professional occasion by joining our panel of rental housing experts as they discuss the power of networking. 

  • Thermostat & Temperature Control Solutions for Rental Housing Facilities
    As resident demand for green technology increases, property owners and management teams must discover how to maximize energy efficiency and cost savings in your rental property. Enroll in an energy expert’s discussion to find out how to track heating/cooling energy by unit, diagnose cost drivers, set temperature set points and generate billing reports per unit to improve energy consumption.

  • 5 Surprising Ways to Increase Your Property’s NOI
    Two key pillars of rental housing business operations are keeping residents safe and securing properties while protecting the net operating income (NOI). Join two technology and security experts, as we discuss the evolution of rental housing security, bolstering resident retention, reducing the cost of technological investments and more.

  • Mental Health Awareness Week: A Basic Mental Health Guide to Understanding Substance Use
    Substance use conversations are likely to focus on common stigmas related to them, but increased awareness around this challenging topic is necessary to properly understand and handle scenarios that can arise. Join our expert as we discuss how to identify key indicators for substance use and recovery, how substance use can affect the workplace and how that impacts the wellbeing of employees. 

  • Mental Health Awareness Week: Mental Health Literacy, Self-Care and Equity
    Let’s increase our awareness and form a better understanding of the impact on historically marginalized communities surrounding mental health challenges and substance use. Connect with us for a transparent discussion about current inequities and how we as individuals, coworkers and community members can better respond to and fill in the gaps in our approach to improving our collective mental wellbeing. 

  • Mental Health Awareness Week: Burnout and Stress Management for Workplace Wellbeing
    Join our expert from the National Council for Mental Wellbeing for a tactical session on the realities of burnout at work. Let’s define the differences between stress and burnout, while identifying key signs and causes of burnout. Discover practical ways to prevent it, support those working through it and help prioritize overall wellbeing.

  • Mental Health Awareness Week: Prioritizing Your Own Mental Health
    Fostering mental wellness for the workplace creates a distinctive set of challenges for property managers. Join three seasoned property managers as they recount their own journeys and shed light on the mental health tools of the trade including how to become a Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and how it can be used to protect themselves, their colleagues and their workplaces.