Property Management Pre-Licensing Course

Property Management License Requirements

USAA offers Property Management Pre-Licensing every quarter. 2024 Dates: January-9,11,16, 18; April-9, 11, 16, 18; July-9, 11, 16, 18; October-8, 10, 15, 17.

An instruction of real property management, including licensing laws, South Carolina Landlord and Tenant Act, Fair Housing, economics, marketing and leasing, lease negotiating, reporting, maintenance, cooperatives, and subsidized property. This 30 hour course is a pre-requisite to obtaining a SC Property Management License for those desiring to manage income producing properties for other property owners. USAA Property Management instructors are licensed through the South Carolina Real Estate Commission to teach this course. The Property Management Pre-Licensing course will be offered four times in 2023; January, April, July and October.

Terms and Course Policies

USAA offers the pre-licensing Property Manager’s course in compliance with the SC Real Estate Commission. The SCLLR Board has approved this course, # OPL284004. USAA adheres to all fair housing laws.

LLR Board Property Management License Course Requirements and Policies: 

Age: Must be 18 to be a licensed property manager and 21 to be licensed as property manager-in-charge.

Education: Must be a high school graduate or hold a certificate of equivalency.

Attendance requirements:  Attendance to all classes is mandatory: If a student misses a class, the class can be made up at the next session offered at no additional charge. No final exam will be administered until the mandatory 30 hours of class time has been met.

Returned checks: A $40 charge will be enforced for returned checks.

Cancellation policy: All cancellations not received prior to five (5) days before class will be responsible for the full amount of course fee, which is transferrable to a future scheduled course.

To receive credit for the course: You must score a passing grade on the final exam which is a grade of 70 or above. There are 100 questions on the pre-licensing exam.

Make-up exam: USAA offers one free retake exam for students not passing their first exam. The retake exam must be scheduled to take within sixty (60) days from the date of your final exam. Any additional retake fee will be $35.

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