What Happened to My Leasing Team?

Facilitated by Multifamily Insiders

Wednesday, June 5, 2024
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

What Happened to My Leasing Team?

Webinar presented by Drew Hudson

June 5, 20242pm ET - 3pm ET

Are things “just not the same” lately? Have you and your onsite leasing team lost your passion for the industry? When any team member starts to experience a waning passion, it can dim the flame for everyone. Drew Hudson, wants to help you AND your leasing team rekindle that passionate leasing fire. Gather your team around for this fire fueled look into the current world of leasing and learn how to support each other, from leasing to executives and from executives to leasing. Drew will give you and your team insights into the new dynamics of leasing and the tools to help you work together to make the next season, the best leasing season ever.

  • Learn how accountability positively impacts you and your leasing team.
  • Get to know what drives the current generation of leasing team members to work at their highest level.
  • See how everyone can work together to create a passionately contagious environment.

Join Drew Hudson and the Webinar Wednesday Team on June 5, 2024 at 2pm Eastern Time To Help Your Team Find Their Passion!

Andrew Hudson
About Drew Hudson

Drew is a dynamic force in training, leadership, and customer-centric initiatives. With a passion for crafting innovative curriculum and maximizing the training experience, he excels in developing employees to their fullest potential. Drew's expertise in property management spans diverse roles, from leasing to management. His exceptional public speaking skills, combined with a genuine love for training and fostering growth, enable him to share his extensive industry knowledge. Currently serving as the Training and Development Specialist with American Landmark Apartments in Tampa, FL, Drew has been a vital part of the team for nearly two years. He is proud to be NAAEI Faculty and serves on the BAA’s Education Board in his local association