Quarantine Connections

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Quarantine Connections - "No Touch" Resident Events & Interactions


First of all, you’re doing great, friend! We’ve seen the craziness that you’ve had to deal with as a property manager and then also everything that you’re probably juggling at home, and you’re all doing it with such grace. So, give yourself a pat on the back and take a breather. 

With this craziness, property managers and leasing offices are having to be creative in how they are connecting and communicating with their residents. With social distancing, you obviously can’t have a gathering with your residents, but there are some ways for you to engage with residents. 

We’ve pulled together some ideas for your apartment community to post about on social media and some unique virtual resident events.


  • FOOD. We all love it, we’re all probably eating a lot of it during the quarantine. Make a post with a picture of your dinner and ask residents to comment on what they’re having.  
    • You can post a recipe for one of your favorite dinners and ask residents to drop their favorite recipe in the comments.
    • Repost recipes from other resources. Things like pantry staple recipes or fridge clean out recipes would be great right now.
    • Disclaimer though… be mindful of your demographic when you post. Make sure you aren’t posting recipes that are these luxurious dinners when your residents might be missing that during these times.  
  • Spring Cleaning challenge on social media 
    • Ask residents to post a before and after picture of a junk drawer, or closet, or bedroom that they cleaned out  
  • Give residents a reason to talk about their pets with pet-friendly themed social media posts
    • Everyone loves their pets and loves to talk about them. Here’s some posts you can make to encourage residents to comment on social media.
      • Post a picture of what your pet is doing right now 
      • What’s the most mischievous thing your pet has done
      • How did you get your pet?
      • How did your pet get their name? 
  • Encourage residents to stay active during quarantine. 
    • Highlight fitness opportunities around your community. Maybe you have a park nearby for them to go on a run. 
    • Share some Apps your residents can use. Here’s a few that I’ve seen having promotions during this time. 
      •  ClassPass Live
      • The Yoga Collective
      •  Nike Training Club 
      • Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness App, Centre
    • Consider hosting a virtual live class for your residents if you, a team member, or one of your residents is into fitness and feels comfortable hosting a class.  
  • Encourage Your Residents to Learn a New Skill  
    • Make a poll on social media to see what your residents are interested in learning about and post resources about the things they chose. 
    • Eventbright.com is a website that has some great training events for free right now.
    • Reach out to residents or team members that they could host a live event based on a topic or skill that they are talented at. This is a great bonding experience for your community! 
    • Ask residents to record mini-tutorial teaching their skill and you can share to your social media. 
  • Help give Homeschooling resources to all those stressed out parents 
    • Share good resources for parents through social media. Check out what resources local schools are putting out. 
    • Share schedules for homeschooling 
    • Check out resources that are out there that are providing free help for parents learning to homeschool
    • Ask if you have residents who are teachers that could be virtual tutors for your community. 
  • Host a Netflix Watch Party with your residents 
    • Share url for residents to join and have a chat room where residents can talk about the movie  
  • Various other Social Media posts to create engagement with residents: 
    • Post about podcasts you like
    • Give suggestions on accounts to follow on social media (interior design, funny, inspirational, etc.)
    • Fitness focused content
    • Shoutout restaurants that are delivering in your area
    • Highlight different things that are happening virtually near your community
    • Encourage virtual acts of kindness 
    • Show some appreciation to all the healthcare workers
    • Share music that makes you happy. You could share a Spotify Playlist, or have residents send in songs that make them happy and have a community playlist.