NAA Click & Lease Users: Free Webinars Available

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Dear NAA Click & Lease User,

As a user of the NAA Click & Lease program, NAA has produced free* webinars for your use covering best practices for utilizing the NAA leasing forms.

These legal webinars are meant to serve as general information regarding legislative updates and frequently asked questions as related to the NAA Click & Lease forms.

As always, we recommend that you and your local legal counsel review all operation procedures and lease forms as the information provided in this webinar is not to be considered legal advice and should not be treated as such.

Alabama webinar presented by Greggory Deitsch and David Chastain
Chicago webinar presented by Jessica Ryan of Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit
D.C. webinar presented by Mark Policy of Greenstein DeLorme & Luchs
Florida webinar presented by Ryan McCain of Barfield & McCain
Indiana webinar presented by J.F. Beatty
Iowa webinar presented by Joseph Wallace
Kansas webinar presented by Doug DeZube
Kentucky webinar presented by Jeff Greenberger
Maryland webinar presented by attorney Richard Basile
Massachusetts webinar presented by Donna Ashton & Ted Papadopoulos
Michigan webinar presented by attorney I. Matthew Miller of Swistak & Levine
Missouri webinar presented by Doug DeZube
New Jersey webinar presented by Jenel Marraccini
North Carolina webinar presented by Will Brownlee
Ohio webinar presented by Jeff Greenberger
Pennsylvania webinar presented by Jenel Marraccini
South Carolina webinar presented by Will Brownlee
Tennessee webinar presented by Nathan Lybarger
Virginia webinar presented by Grimes Creasy of Johnson, Ayers, & Matthews
Washington webinar presented by Randy Redford of Puckett & Redford

*Only current users of the NAA Click & Lease program are able to access these webinars. All available webinars can be located here (note: login credentials required).