UPDATE to SC — Click & Lease Program on 2-16-2022

NAA Click & Lease Updates,

NAA Click & Lease Forms
Update for South Carolina

Dear South Carolina NAA Click & Lease User,

The NAA Click & Lease Program for South Carolina will be updated on February 16, 2022 to include the following changes to your lease forms. The Release Notes, which are accessible when logged into your NAA Click & Lease Program, include copies of these upcoming forms.  

Should you have any questions about these changes, please contact NAA. As always, we recommend you and your local legal counsel review all new and/or updated forms before implementing them into your leasing operations.

Updated Form:

  1. Request for Reasonable Accommodation and/or Modification to Rental Unit
    • Language Removed: If we will need to seek verification of either the existence of the disability or the disability-related need for the accommodation and/or modification you have requested, we will ask that you identify a third-party who has familiarity with your disability in a professional setting to complete a verification form we will provide. You will also be asked to sign a release allowing said third-party to respond to the verification request.

Removed Form:

  1. Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications Verification Form
    • Legal Note: We have been informed by our local counsel that the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission, through a series of investigations, has made it clear that they do not believe a housing provider should contact third-party providers to confirm the existence of a resident’s disability or the disability-related need for the accommodation/modification. As a result, we are modifying the language in the Request for Reasonable Accommodation and/or Modification to Rental Unit form and removing the Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications Verification Form as we do not want our Click & Lease users in South Carolina to find themselves operating in a manner that conflicts with the position of the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission. If you have any concerns about the reasonable accommodation/modification process, we highly recommend you consult with your local counsel to determine the appropriate course of action.