UPDATE to SC — Click & Lease Program on 9-30-20

NAA Click & Lease Updates,

NAA Click & Lease Forms
Update for South Carolina

Dear South Carolina NAA Click & Lease User,

The NAA Click & Lease Program for South Carolina will be updated on September 30, 2020 to include the following changes to your lease forms. The Release Notes, which are accessible when logged into your NAA Click & Lease Program, include copies of these upcoming forms.  

Should you have any questions about these changes, please contact NAA.  As always, we recommend you and your local legal counsel review all new and/or updated forms before implementing them into your leasing operations.

Updated Form:

  1. Lease Contract Addendum for Units Participating in Government Regulated Affordable Housing Programs
    • Paragraph 14: Increase in Household Income
      • New Language: A household will be considered “over income” for rent determination purposes if the combined household income exceeds the applicable income limit as governed by the Affordable Program that governs the tenancy. If the household’s income increases above the applicable income limit, owner may proceed with any and all permissible action(s) provided in the regulatory agreement governing the Affordable Program, which may include, but not be limited to, increasing the household’s rent to the applicable market rate and/or terminating the tenancy (if applicable). If applicable, owner shall also have the right to relocate the affordable resident to a non-affordable apartment or otherwise designate the current apartment a market rate unit.